09/04/2013PortalProdigy's Product Catalog In Details - Product Catalog is a feature helps you to display, demonstrate and sell your organizationís products online.
08/06/2013PortalProdigy's Shopping Cart Feature in details - PortalProdigy offers a full featured shopping cart and checkout process.
10/19/2012PortalProdigy's New Page Caching Dramatically Improves Website Performance - Portal Prodigy, Inc. has added page caching to its PortalProdigy Internet Operating Platform. Page caching dramatically improves website performance by loading web pages faster.
10/28/2011Product Names - support added for symbols - Support for copyright, trademark, and registered symbols added to Product Names and Product Description fields.
05/18/2010Major Enhancements in PortalProdigy Version 4.43 - PortalProdigy receives major enhancements. Read the article for full details.
12/11/2009Brolin Launches Job Board Builder to Instantly Spread Your Jobs Over the Internet - Job Board Builder provides everything you need to set up, manage, and promote your own Job Board / Job Website.
01/25/2009Product Catalog Enhancements - More features have been added to PortalProdigy's Product Catalog and Ecommerce features.
09/17/2008Brolin Adds Private Document Folders to PortalProdigy - Private Document Folders allow you to setup private folders to collaborate with specified individuals to exchange files online.
04/22/2008PortalProdigy Enhances Exchange Feature - Enhancements include the ability to attach files to exchange listings, customize exchange searches, customize the layout of exchange forms, and more field selections.
08/10/2007Portal Prodigy, Inc. Wins Project from New Jersey State Judiciary - Administrative Office of the Court of the State of New Jersey selected Portal Prodigy's Internet Operating Platform for the development of the New Jersey Child Placement Advisory Committee (NJCPAC) website.
08/05/2007Portal Prodigy Adds Advanced Data Import Capability - New enhancements allow Portal Prodigy Platform Owners to import products, documents, and exchange records.
07/15/2007Portal Prodigy Enhances Event and Class Manager - Significant enhancements have been added to the Events and Class Manager based on user feedback.
07/12/2007Fully Customizable Styles Now Available with Portal Prodigy - Users, knowledgeable in HTML, can now customize any of the standard templates as well as create entirely new ones.
06/20/2007Portal Prodigy Adds Support for On-the-Fly Currency Change - Portal Prodigy's Operating Platform allows customers to view prices in any currency they select.
05/03/2007Portal Prodigy Adds Support for PayPal Payment Pro - PortalProdigy websites can now take advantage of PayPalís Payment Pro to accept major credit cards online.
02/06/2006Brolin adds Document Version Management & Approval Processing to PortalProdigy
09/01/2005Brolin makes major enhancements to PortalProdigy in v3.01
05/31/2005Brolin Adds Product Comparison Feature to PortalProdigy
01/10/2005Brolin adds Help Desk to PortalProdigy - PortalProdidigy gets significant enhancement in the area of customer support.
09/29/2004RTS Receives Major Enhancements - RTS - Reporting & Tracking System for capital planning and project management of corporate and institutional real estate, receives major enhancements.
09/27/2004Brolin adds Online Donations to PortalProdigy - The Donations feature allows online acceptance and processing of donations.
07/30/2004Web Help Builder Enhancements - Article about Web Help Builder, a software program from Brolin Corp., used to convert Microsoft Word documents into mini web sites complete with table of contents, indexing and navigations options.
07/14/2004NonProfits Only, Inc and Brolin Corporation Announce Planned Product Merger - Brolin Corporation and NonProfits Only, Inc. announced today their intention to combine their companies' Internet Interaction Management and Enterprise Management software applications into one product called "PortalProdigy"
12/17/2003Web Publishing of Microsoft Word Documents Has Never Been Easier - Brolin's new Help Builder is a versatile tool for migrating MS Word documents to the web.
08/04/2003SalesAnimals.com - SalesAnimals selected SalesMaker for their new web-based exchange for sales professionals and employers.
05/25/2003Coporate Real Estate Project Planning & Management - Brolin and Relign jointly develop the next generation of project planning and management systems for corporate real estate and development companies.
03/26/2003Candidate Seeker - Developed by Brolin - Candidate Seeker is a web based software solution developed by Brolin.
01/15/2003SalesMaker Gets Major Enhancements! - This month Brolin is scheduled to start beta testing and giving demos of a significantly enhanced version of SalesMaker. SalesMaker is an eCommerce system for small businesses.
12/23/2002New Transaction Management System - Describes Brolin's new Transation Management System.
07/19/2002SalesMaker Gets Sticky Notes - Sticky Notes are added to Brolin's website software, SalesMaker.