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RTS Receives Major Enhancements

Posted on 9/29/2004

Press Release

Brolin Corporation Announces Major Enhancements to RTS

Irvine, CA – Sept 29, 2004 — The RTS (Reporting & Tracking System for Corporate and Institutional Real Estate) has just received major enhancements.  
According to Brock Miller, CEO of the Brolin Corporation, “We have added a ton of functionality for the power user including advanced query capability, user defined views, user defined imports and user defined export capability.  For Management we have added a graphical dashboard that provides a quick assessment of a project's status.  For Capital Planning we have added project solicitation and decision support features.  For Move Management we have added features to support their request entry process.  All in all, this version offers something for everyone".  The new enhancements are currently in beta testing, with a release version expected to be available in October.

About Brolin Corporation, Inc.

Brolin is a boutique software development shop, providing quality custom software solutions and software products. Brolin incorporated in 1994 with the objective of lowering the cost for quality software development.  One of the steps to achieve this objective was to establish offshore developement operations in the country of Bulgaria.  Brolin established its software development operations in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1994 and since then has successfully completed many assignments for clients both large and small. Some of Brolin's well known corporate clients include Bank of America, CB Richard Ellis, Fleet Bank, Jones Lang LaSalle, Platinum Software, Sempra, Siemans, Sun Microsystems, and Travelers Insurance. 

RTS was developed via a strategic alliance between Brolin Corporation and Relign Consulting, LLC.

In addition to custom software development, Brolin offers the following software applications:

  • Web Help Builder -- tool for breaking up large MS Word documents into individual html pages that can be quickly downloaded from your website.  Includes search by keywords, table of contents and easty navigation options.
  • Harvester -- Enterprise tool for harvesting massive amounts of data from the Internet.  Harvester is optimized for amazing performance.  Performs bulk harvests using highly detailed criteria. 
  • RTS -- Reporting & Tracking System for Corporate and Institutional Real Estate Planning and Portofolio Management.  Provides web portal and web based management of everything from Individual Project Requests to Capital Plans.  Provides a comprehensive view of an organizations real estate portfolio with ability to drill down to individual project details, work orders, project budgets, project actual costs, project schedule, and staff.
  • PropInfo - comprehensive database application for managing commercial property information.  Available in desktop and client server versions.
  • PortalProdigy - internet operating platform for small to medium size enterprises.  Provides Ecommmerce,Order Processing, Web Portal, and Backoffice management. Website can be operational in a few hours.  No programming necessary, just add personality.

Brolin Corporation  Contact
Brock Miller
Tel: 949.595.8300 Ext 100
Email: Brock@Brolin.net

About Relign Consulting, LLC.

Relign provides consulting services to align real estate and facilities organizations with the businesses they serve; ensuring value through the relevance of their services.  Clients include Sempra Energy, Johnson Controls, Xerox, and General Motors.


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