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 Posted On: 03/02/2007Last Updated On: 03/02/2007Size: 18,299 K  
Sun Java 1.5.6
 Posted On: 10/15/2008Last Updated On: 04/20/2009Size: 16,388 K  
 Installation for Sub Java 1.5.6. This version is needed for Broin Applet for uploading HTML to PortalProdigy. It is an exe file that is 16 MBs.
Software Downloads
DCOM Settings for IIS application.
 Posted On: 10/19/2004Last Updated On: 03/09/2010Size: 56 K  
 Describes required DCOM settings for RTS and PortalProdigy.
Jet Engine Patch
 Posted On: 05/17/2004Last Updated On: 04/20/2009Size: 3,917 K  
 This patch is from Microsoft. It fixes bug in Jet Engine that causes unspecified error.
MS Java Runtime
 Posted On: 07/22/2004Last Updated On: 04/20/2009Size: 5,346 K  
 Microsoft Java Runtime. This needs to be installed on any computer that is using SA File UP Java Applet to upload files. The SUN Java is incompatible. Sometime in 2003/2004 , after settlement of lawsuite, Microsoft replace their Java with Sun. All OS installed prior to this have the MS Java. Evertything after have Sun Java.
Order Items Report Query
 Posted On: 05/14/2003Last Updated On: 04/20/2009Size: 2 K  
 NPO/Sm query. Test to solve duplicate order items problem.
 Posted On: 01/15/2005Last Updated On: 07/05/2009Size: 1 K  
 This page contains links to download setup and installation instructions for trial version of PropInfo.
Web Help Builder Trial Version
 Posted On: 03/11/2004Last Updated On: 03/07/2009Size: 1,484 K  
 Free Trial Version. Contains all features. Web Help Builder automatically converts Microsoft Word Documents to Mini Webs. This is the perfect tool for breaking up large documents into individual html pages that can be quickly downloaded from your website. Web Help Builder automaitcally builds an online Table of Contents for you. It also builds an index of all keywords and it inserts easy navigation options into all of the html pages. For additional information or to purchase Web Help Builder please call our toll free number (888) 862-1591 or email us sales@brolin.net Web Help Builder is only $149.00 USD.

Click on the link to download the installation setup. Once the installation setup file is downloaded onto your computer, simply double click on the file (or use windows Open option) and follow the prompts. Web Help Builder uses Word's Table of Contents Outline feauture to break the document apart into separate HTML pages. Web Help Builder creates an HTML page for Table of Contents (TOC) Outline Level section. Thus if you only include your Chapter Headings in the TOC, then it will create an HTML page for each Chapter. If you include sub-chapters and sections in the TOC, then Web Help Builder will create and HTML page for each section. I..e Web Help Builder breaks the document into the smallestTOC component.

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