Website Configuration

Setting up your PortalProdigy Website is made easy with our Configuration Wizard and online administration screens. No programming required. Everything is done via your web browser using simple menu driven data entry screens. We take care of all the technical issues including (1) installation of the PortalProdigy software on the Web Server; (2) creation of your Website's independent database and file structure on the Web Server; (3) configuration of the Web Server site and security settings;

(4) configuration of your email broadcaster service; (5) configuration of your PortalProdigy Secure Transaction Server service including SSL 128 bit Security Certificate; and (6) configuration of nightly backup service. Within 24 hours of purchase you will be emailed your temporary URL, login name, and password. When you are ready to go live with your new site, we will replace your temporary URL with your Website's domain name, e.g. www.brolinsoftware.com

Website Configuration features and benefits include:

  • Convenient setup and configuration performed online using your browser.
  • Configuration Wizard guides you step-by-step through initial site setup.
  • All configuration and setup options are accessible from a single Site Administration Menu.
  • Site features are easily enabled or disabled making it easy to experiment and accommodate changes to your requirements.
  • Individual site features are configured using simple data entry screens. Options may be changed at any time.
  • Changes are immediately published to your Website.