Surveys and Questionnaires

PortalProdigy makes it quick and easy to conduct surveys, qualification exams or interviews over the web. Our online survey tool makes it easy to examine data immediately in real time as it is collected. It's easy to create new surveys. Online surveying is lower cost than traditional methods such as face-to-face, telephone and mail, and eliminates interviewer effects. Conduct regular surveys of employees, customers, vendors and others to assess overall satisfaction or to gain knowledge regarding specific areas of interaction.

For example, event planners can verify fulfillment of event promises, get suggestions for improvement and determine probability of future attendance. Associations, employers, manufacturers, and publishers conduct surveys to gain and test information on emerging trends and current topics. Conduct follow-up surveys for purchase transactions to provide timely information regarding a user's recent interaction experience.

Surveys and Questionnaires features and benefits include:

  • Take a survey idea from concept to response within hours.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys, research surveys, polls, qualification exams, job applications, student tests, or just about any form of data gathering online.
  • Integrates with other PortalProdigy features such as Membership Management for easy creation of standardized application forms and questionnaires.
  • Allows creation of an unlimited number of surveys.
  • Surveys can contain a single question or hundreds of questions.
  • Survey Builder screen makes it easy to define questions and responses.
  • Create multiple choice questions.
  • Define multiple responses as check boxes or limit to single response using radio buttons or drop down list box. Additional option to limit checkbox responses to set number.
  • Create true/false and yes/no questions.
  • Create questions that are linked to standard data elements such as Contact Name, Phone #, etc. PortalProdigy automatically validates formatting and that correct data type is input.
  • Create memo responses to allow unlimited text entry; respondents can copy and paste into memo from other applications.
  • Create text box responses; set allowable length of text box and specify data type including currency, date, number, or text.
  • Survey notices can be automatically broadcast to specified individuals, contact types or special interest groups via email.
  • Notice recipients click on a link bringing them to the corresponding website survey page where they answer questions and submit their results.
  • Survey results are stored by PortalProdigy in a structured format and reported when needed.
  • Results are accessible in real time.
  • Results can be published publicly or kept private.
  • Surveys can be made anonymous or linked to the respondents contact record.
  • Print tabulated summary report of survey responses.
  • Print each survey response independently as separate form.