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Fund Raising Solutions for Non Profits

Increase your organization's revenue by conducting online fundraising and email communication with your supporters. A study conducted by Sea Change Strategies and Convio found that:

“Four out of five donors said they had made a charitable gift online, and a little more than half, 51 percent, said they prefer to use the Internet for their donations. Some 46 percent said that they expect to make a greater percentage of their charitable gifts online within the next five years.”

As reported by Elizabeth Schwin in The Chronicle of Philanthropy www.philanthropy.com

We make it easy to organize and manage your fund raising activities. Manage your mailing lists, solicit donations via email broadcasts and postal mailings; promote your cause including specific initiatives; provide easy access to online information; accept online donations and pledges; track donations by user; promote fund raising events, and print a variety of reports. We place all of these activities online, making them accessible to your entire organization. This allows your staff, volunteers and consultants to work from any location, including their homes.

Non-Profit Jog-A-Thon

Non Profit Website Solution for Recruitment

Recruitment for NonProfit

Our website solution for non-profits includes pre-built functionality to aid in recruiting participants, staff, and volunteers. From online enrollment to approval processing, we provide a complete toolset to automated your recruiting effort.

Non Profit Website Solution
for Communication

Communication for Non-Profit

We make it easy to communicate and foster interaction amongst your constituents and community. Our website solution for non-profits provides everything you need to communicate your message. From search engine friendly website content to automated email broadcasting, we provide a complete toolset to communicate.

Non Profit Website Solution for Promotion

We make it easy to promote your nonprofit's message and initiatives online. From targeted email campaigns to search engine optimization of your content we offer a turnkey website solution for promoting your nonprofit.

Promotion for NonProfit

Non Profit Website Solution for Education

We provide a complete toolset for educating your constituents and community. Our CMS makes it easy to provide updated content, online courses, online course registration, online exams, automated scoring of exams, resource library and more.

Education for Non-Profit

Non Profit Website Solution for
Publishing Information

Publishing NonProfit Information

We offer a complete Content Management System (CMS) for managing and publishing information. Our CMS makes it easy for your non-technical staff and volunteers to add and update information on your website. Our built-in WYSIWIG editor allows the creation of attractive content without knowledge of HTML. We provide a variety of tools for structuring content including categorization, automated indexing for search, list creation, picture galleries, and more.

Non Profit Website Solution for Event Promotion and Registration

We offer a complete solution for promoting events and registering users online. Offer an unlimited number of events including conferences, classes, seminars, trade shows, sporting events, committee meetings, educational events, community events, product presentations, etc. Display an event calendar. Calendar can be viewed by Month, Week, and Day. Includes option to filter events by geographic proximity to zip code. Promote events with broadcasted email to targeted audience. Email can contain link to event details and registration. Register attendees online with ability to collect fees. Reporting and management tools also included.

Non-Profit Event Calendar

Non Profit Website Solution for Registration

We provide everything you need to register users online for a variety of purposes from newsletter signup to job applications. Create customized forms for capturing information. Users are automatically added to contact database. Access rights can be manually assigned or automatically assigned based on predefined rules.

Registration for NonProfit

Non Profit Website Solution for Membership Registration,
Management and Billing

We provide everything you need to offer, promote, sign-up, and manage everything from book clubs to subscriptions; committees to service contracts. Our membership capabilities can also be used for non-traditional purposes. E.g. you can create a membership type for setting up new employees allowing you to conveniently store employment information and automate assignment of Website access rights. You can even use the membership type to provide an online employment application; create different membership types for different job types.

Our membership feature provides a convenient and efficient method of granting special privileges (benefits) to any group including individuals and organizations. Privileges can include access to specific website features, website content, events, services, discounts, non-website resources, etc. Use memberships whenever you want to perform any of the following: control duration of privileges, charge fees for privileges, control access to privileges, require submittal of application, require terms acceptance, require application approval, automatically provide Website access rights to privileges, or automatically expire privileges. User signup on your website can be channeled through memberships in order to take advantage of any of the aforementioned capabilities..

Membership Registration Management

Non Profit Website Solution for Gaining Visibility

Gain visibility with integrated social media and search engine optimized (SEO) content. We augment our website solution with additional services to help you gain exposure. Our integrated

SEO for Non-Profit

Non Profit Website Solution for Sharing Content and Ideas

Sharing NonProfit Content

We provide everything you need to exchange ideas and share digital content online. From posting of resources to online reviews to integration with social media to post comments and likes. We have automated the process of integrating your content within your branded website framework.

Non Profit Website Solution for Contact Management

Our nonprofit website solution allows you to easily access and update all of your organization's contacts from anywhere at any time. This includes constituents, members, contributors, volunteers, vendors, manufacturers, contractors, employees, partners, media, experts and more. PortalProdigy provides everything you need to maintain detailed information about each contact including their addresses, phone numbers, biographical information, notes, professional information, company information, special interests and more. Our contact database is fully integrated with our other features. This allows you to access a contact's transaction history, donations, contributions, orders, membership information, and payment information directly from their contact record. Easily import prospect lists and existing contacts. Contact records are automatically created when new users register on your Website. Send automated email broadcasts to selected contacts. Print a variety of reports.

Contact Management for Non-Profit

Non Profit Website Solution for Collaboration

Use our nonprofit website solution to collaborate on projects. Permitted users may post and exchange documents and other resources in a secure manner providing centralized access to project participants. Staff, vendors, and volunteers can collaborate on content creation, utilizing our versioning and approval features. Approved content can be easily published on your website.

NonProfit Collaboration

Non Profit Website Solution
for Managing your Organization Using the Internet

Manage everything online including your staff, volunteers, vendors, press contacts, digital content, events, memberships, resources, and more. People can easily work remotely including from home. Menu driven management pages make it easy to manage all of your data and conduct a variety of tasks from reporting to sending email broadcasts to selected recipients.

Organization Using The Internet

Content Management System and Administration for Non Profits

Our solution includes a complete content management system (CMS) that uses menu driven forms for administering your website. Your entire website can be administered from the Internet using any standard browser. We offer a 100% web based solution that means there is no software to install.

Managing Content

Non Profit Website Solution for Reporting

Print reports directly from your website. Our website solution for non-profits includes integrated reporting. Design your own reports using the industry standard Crystal Report Writer. We also provide 46 predefined reports including transaction reports (orders, payments, etc.), website activity reports, event registration reports, membership reports and contact reports. The predefined reports are easily customizable. You can also export your web logs for analysis and reporting using your favorite tool.

Non-Profit Reports