Membership/Subscription Enrollment, Management, & Billing

Use PortalProdigy's versatile membership capabilities to offer, promote, sign-up, and manage everything from book clubs to subscriptions; committees to service contracts. PortalProdigy's membership capabilities can also be used for non-traditional purposes. E.g. you can create a membership type for setting up new employees allowing you to conveniently store employment information and automate assignment of Website access rights. You can even use the membership type to provide an online employment application; create different membership types for different job types.

PortalProdigy's membership feature provides a convenient and efficient method of granting special privileges (benefits) to any group including individuals and organizations. Privileges can include access to specific website features, website content, events, services, discounts, non-website resources, etc. Use memberships whenever you want to perform any of the following: control duration of privileges, charge fees for privileges, control access to privileges, require submittal of application, require terms acceptance, require application approval, automatically provide Website access rights to privileges, or automatically expire privileges. User signup on your website can be channeled through memberships in order to take advantage of any of the aforementioned capabilities.

Membership Registration, Management and Billing features and benefits include:

  • Centralized membership management.
  • Membership features are fully integrated with Contact Management and other PortalProdigy features and functions.
  • Allows definition of an unlimited number of unique membership types.
  • Members can belong to more than one membership type.
  • Option to specify unique contact registration form for each membership type.
  • Memberships can be for individuals, organizations, or both.
  • Option to require completion of online application or questionnaire. Also includes option to offer printed application for hard copy submittal.
  • Includes application form builder to create custom forms.
  • Option to require membership approval. Includes ability to auto assign special pre-approval Website access rights.
  • Membership approval processing including ability to auto assign special Website access rights upon approval and revoke pre-approval rights if declined. Tracks approval date and approved by.
  • Auto expiration of memberships includes ability to auto revoke special Website access rights with additional option to auto assign limited expired Website access rights.
  • Ability to charge for memberships including initiation fees, renewal fees, recurring fees and other types of fees. Includes ability to offer options such as to pay monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Limit membership duration with automatic renewal upon payment of fees.
  • Options to set anniversary date based on signup date, approval date, or specified date.
  • Recurring fees can be charged monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.
  • Option for initiation fee and recurring dues to be prorated for calendar year, fiscal year, quarter or month.
  • When prorating fees, includes option to require payment of prorated period plus next full period.
  • Option to require payment of fees at time of application submittal or upon approval
  • Supports promotion codes to apply discounts to membership fees.
  • Option to lock renewal fees.
  • Option to require acceptance of terms (membership agreement). Includes option to require that membership agreement be accepted online or to require return of signed hard copy. Includes ability to load membership agreement document.
  • Automated membership billing. Supports user preference to have credit card billed or to be invoiced.
  • Creates invoices for membership billings with ability to send as email or printed and mailed based on user preference setting for each member.
  • Membership collection and online payments processing. Fully integrated with PortalProdigy transaction engine. PortalProdigy's transaction engine provides standardized management of all transactions including memberships, events, product purchases, etc. See Transaction Management feature for detailed description.
  • Option to auto assign members to specific price group based on membership type. Price groups are used to offer special pricing.
  • Create informative descriptions of membership types with ability to display multi-media brochure.
  • Maintain and unlimited number of membership records.
  • Promote membership types on your home page with automated insertion.
  • Print Membership Application report which lists each applicant's signup information with their completed application form.
  • Print Membership Renewal report which lists each member due for renewal along with fees and payment method.
  • Print Membership Dues Collection report which lists each new member, their membership fees, amount collected and amounts currently due; grouped by membership type with subtotal by group.
  • Option to send automated Membership Renewal notices by email.
  • Option to send automated Membership Approval notices by email.
  • Option to send automated notification to responsible party upon application for new membership.