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Security and Access Control

PortalProdigy provides a secure environment where you control who has access to what. Access permissions are easy to configure and very flexible. They allow you to control access to administrative functions such as Site Management, Order Fulfillment, Payment Processing, etc.; features such as the Resource Library, Product Catalog, Event Calendar, etc.; content such as individual documents, events, products, services, etc.

E.g. you can limit registration for an event to a specific group of people such as Platinum Members; limit access to specific products to Authorized Resellers; limit access to project documents to assigned members of a Project Team which may include a client's employees, third parties, and specified members of your staff. Best of all, PortalProdigy's Security and Access Control works consistently throughout the entire system.

Security and Access Control features and benefits include:

  • Role based security allows you to define and control access rights.
  • Define as many roles as you need.
  • Assign multiple roles per user. PortalProdigy will automatically resolve appropriate access rights for users that are assigned multiple roles.
  • Control access to features and functions by role assignment with options to deny access, limit access to read only, or grant full edit rights.
  • Specify content as either public or private. Control access to private content by role or company.
  • Secure Login.
  • Encryption of sensitive data including passwords, user names, and credit card information.
  • 128 bit SSL encryption with Certified Certificate.
  • Compiled program code provides greater protection.
  • Ability to make entire site private or any portion of it.
  • Ability to automatically assign users roles (access rights) upon completion of site registration (signup).
  • Ability to automatically assign roles (access rights) upon membership registration and/or membership approval.
  • Ability to automatically revoke roles (access rights) upon non-payment or expiration of membership.
  • Manually override all assigned roles (access rights).