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Promotions Managment

PortalProdigy's Promotion Management and Processing presents a powerful tool for increasing sales, attracting new customers, and generating repeat sales from existing customers. It greatly simplifies the process of creating and managing promotions for both products and services. It also makes it easy to target specific categories of customers offering specialized promotions to targeted groups.

The Promotions feature is used to create Promotions Codes which are coupons for offering customers discounts, add-ons and free products. Promotion Codes can be created for Events, Exchanges, Membership Types, and Products. Promotion codes can be applied to individual item pricing, groups of items and to order totals.

Promotion Management features and benefits include:

  • Automatic management and real time validation of promotion offers at point of sale.
  • Seamlessly integrates with shopping cart.
  • Offer $ Discounts on specific Items, e.g. "Spring Clearance, 40% off selected items".
  • Offer $ Discount on entire Order based on qualification rules, e.g. "Purchase $25 or more and get 15% off entire order".
  • Offer giveaways predicated on purchase of minimum quantity or dollar amount such as "Buy one get one free" or "Purchase any Desktop Computer and get a free 17" LCD Monitor".
  • Automated inclusion of Items based on specified criteria including brand, manufacturer, vendor, product line, categories, etc.
  • Automated email broadcasting of promotions to targeted recipients.
  • Set minimum purchase dollar amount to qualify for offer.
  • Set minimum purchase quantity of item in order to qualify for offer.
  • Set maximum dollar discount.
  • Ability to limit one offer per order.
  • Ability to allow customer to combine offers.
  • Easy selection of applicable products.
  • Permits product exclusion lists.
  • Provides customer with option to view offer and accept or decline.
  • Automatic expiration of offers based on specified date range.
  • Option to set time of day that the offer begins and ends, thus supporting promotions such as a "12 hour sale" or a "Midnight Madness Sale".
  • Create campaigns to manage and track promotions
  • Fully integrated with back-office Order Management.