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Product Catalog

PortalProdigy provides everything you need to feature, display, demonstrate and sell your organization's products online. Define an unlimited number of product categories and hierarchy of sub categories. Enter detailed descriptions, categorize products, display pictures, setup inventory and selection by colors and sizes, enter initial inventory quantities, attach full featured multimedia product brochures, and track inventory manufacturer, purchasing and cost information.

Your PortalProdigy Product Catalog will provide your customers with a feature rich shopping experience that includes the ability to search for products using keywords; browse products by categories; access products via direct links from documents and brochures; from highlighted specials displayed on the site's home page; by direct links from targeted email broadcasts sent by PortalProdigy; and by browsing a colorful online product catalog. Includes advanced features for wholesalers and distributors such as quote requests, customer specific pricing, sales tax exemption and more.

Product Catalog features and benefits include:

  • Offer an unlimited number of products.
  • Fully integrated shopping cart.
  • Accept online payment, COD, and credit terms. See Payment and Authorization feature for detailed description.
  • Ability to display real time product availability.
  • Product catalog and shopping cart are fully integrated with Inventory Control, Order Management, Order Fulfillment and Payment Processing.
  • Ability to offer products that are not in inventory including special order items and products fulfilled by third parties.
  • Offer automated downloads for digital content such as software, music, documents, videos, etc.
  • Automated product search. Create searchable product categories and keywords. Automated indexing of product name, product descriptions, and keywords.
  • Easy product setup and administration using menu driven data entry form. New items and changes are instantly published in your product catalog. See Item and Inventory Management feature for detailed description of product detail (data elements).
  • Select from a variety of data elements for describing products including narrative description, pictures, brochures, classifications, and keyword categorization.
  • Classify products by gender, name, accessories, product codes, manufacturer, vendor, brand, quantity, color, models, sizes, etc.
  • Product Import capabilities permit bulk loading of products and updates to products. Import includes loading of all product elements including pictures, searchable keywords, and comparable product data.
  • Product Export capabilities permit export of all product elements allowing synchronization with third party applications. Re-import includes ability to update all product data elements or only missing data elements.
  • Highlight products on your home page with links to their product detail page. E.g. list "Weekly Specials" or "New Products" on your home page.
  • Create an unlimited number of product categories and hierarchy of sub-categories. E.g. you could create a multi-level hierarchy within a specific category such as "Computers > Laptops > Accessories > Batteries".
  • Products can be placed in multiple categories and sub-categories. E.g. a product such as "Box of Carmel Chocolate Bon Bons" could be placed in "Candies > Chocolates" and in "Mother's Day Specials" categories.
  • Individually customize each product catalog category. Our Catalog Builder makes it easy to select what product information is displayed and the format for listing products.
  • Ability to display comparison of List Price with Sales Price and Price Savings.
  • Ability to offer quantity pricing.
  • Ability to offer special customer pricing. Define an unlimited number of customer price groups. Options to base price on markup from cost, discount from list price, and specified price.
  • Ability to limit access to products to authorized customers. E.g. you may set up customer groups and limit access to certain products based on group assignment such as "Authorized Resellers".
  • Setup sales tax based on state and district.
  • Exclude sales tax for resellers.
  • Ability to offer product comparisons with comparable products from other vendors and manufacturers. Customers can search on comparable product names and part numbers.
  • Ability to include product brochures and additional information such as product details, specifications, ingredients, warranties, white papers, etc.
  • Offer accessories and related products.
  • Display unlimited number of product pictures.
  • Ability to display "Call for pricing", "Request Quote", and "Place Bid" in lieu of sales price.
  • Ability for customers to create and submit quote and bid requests.
  • Offer promotional pricing. Includes ability to define valid date range of offer and other qualifications. Supports percentage discounts, dollar discounts, giveaways, 2 for 1, etc.