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Payment Authorization

PortalProdigy provides everything you need to accept online payments. It's flexible and easy to configure. Payment authorization and processing are fully integrated with PortalProdigy's Shopping Cart, Membership Registration, Event Registration and other transaction features. PortalProdigy also offers everything you need to extend credit terms, allowing clients to place their orders on account. Using Terms Management you define the payment terms you want to offer such as "Net 10", "Net 30", "2% 10 Net 30", etc. Credit terms can be individually assigned to customers or automatically assigned by either the credit application or membership approval processes. PortalProdigy includes a complete credit management system which provides the ability to accept and process credit applications online.

The credit approval process allows you to automatically assign terms upon credit application approval including setting a maximum credit amount for the customer. PortalProdigy's transaction system tracks each customer's outstanding balance and automatically determines available credit at time of order entry.

PortalProdigy also provides the back-office administrative tools to track and process payments including a payment entry process for processing payments offline. Payment entry allows you to apply a single payment to multiple transactions regardless of transaction type. You can use the time saver automated payment distribution or you may manually distribute payments. You can also print payment, collections, receivable, charge-back and other accounting reports.

Payment Authorization features and benefits include:

  • Standardized payment processing for all transaction types.
  • Accept Credit Cards including Master Card, Visa, American Express, & Discover.
  • Accept Paypal.
  • Accept payment by mail.
  • Assign customers payment credit terms including maximum credit amount and allow them to make online purchases on account.
  • Accept online credit applications.
  • Offer COD.
  • Automated credit card authorization.
  • Automated credit card settlement with option for immediate settlement or settlement upon fulfillment.
  • Option to require AVS (address verification) and CVS code (card verification security) for additional fraud protection.
  • Provides secure SSL 128 bit encryption protection.
  • Single Payment options configuration.
  • Option to disable automated credit card authorization thus allowing you to use your existing credit card system for authorizing payments.
  • Use a single payment processor gateway for all transactions.
  • Back office (and in-store) payment entry processing for checks, cash, and credit card payments.
  • Distribute a single payment to multiple transactions and invoices.
  • Chargeback entry screen makes it easy to record NSF and stop payment checks and credit card charge-backs.
  • Payment authorization screen for quick batch processing of payments.
  • Ability to create credit memos and apply to invoices as payment.
  • Ability to create refunds.
  • View and enter payment information directly from Order Management.
  • Print payments, collection, receivables, chargeback and other accounting reports.
  • Automated creation of GL Entries. GL entries are in GAP format.