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Menu Builder

Menu Builder makes it easy to create a variety of menus for your PortalProdigy website. There's no programming involved. Create drop down menus, header menu bars, side bar menus, footer menu bars, contact specific menus, administrator menus and more.

Menu Builder makes is easy to link to specific features and data records. You can also create link to other Websites. Menu changes are instantly published to your website.

Menu Builder features and benefits include:

  • Create an unlimited number of menus.
  • Create links to other menus by selecting from menu list.
  • Create links to PortalProdigy features by selecting from features list.
  • Create links to other Websites by entering Website URL.
  • Create links to specific data records stored in PortalProdigy including products, documents, events, etc. Lookup feature makes it easy to locate and select information to link to.
  • Create contact specific menus. Assign menus to individual contacts using Contact Menu feature in Contact Management.
  • Automatically assign a default menu contact menu using membership registration.
  • Create menus for specific employee functions.
  • Create menu topics and menu sub-items.