Non-Profit Website Solutions - Membership Registration Solutions

Non Profit Website Solution for Membership Registration,
Management and Billing

We provide everything you need to offer, promote, sign-up, and manage everything from book clubs to subscriptions; committees to service contracts. Our membership capabilities can also be used for non-traditional purposes. E.g. you can create a membership type for setting up new employees allowing you to conveniently store employment information and automate assignment of Website access rights. You can even use the membership type to provide an online employment application; create different membership types for different job types.

Our membership feature provides a convenient and efficient method of granting special privileges (benefits) to any group including individuals and organizations. Privileges can include access to specific website features, website content, events, services, discounts, non-website resources, etc. Use memberships whenever you want to perform any of the following: control duration of privileges, charge fees for privileges, control access to privileges, require submittal of application, require terms acceptance, require application approval, automatically provide Website access rights to privileges, or automatically expire privileges. User signup on your website can be channeled through memberships in order to take advantage of any of the aforementioned capabilities..

Membership Registration Management