Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drive more traffic to your website. PortalProdigy is optimized for search engine spiders/crawlers to provide them with the information essential to higher rankings. Your PortalProdigy representative can help you design a search engine strategy that will optimize your combination of page titles, meta-tag descriptions, meta-tag keywords and page content to achieve optimal search results. PortalProdigy makes it easy to implement your search engine strategy by providing simple data entry screens to enter and update your page titles, meta-tag descriptions, meta-tag keywords, and page content; without programming and hassle. This is important because maintaining high placement on search engines is an ongoing process that requires continuous modification.

PortalProdigy logs your website traffic, tracking your visitors and the pages they accessed. Use PortalProdigy's traffic reports to analyze your website traffic and determine what is working and what is not. PortalProdigy makes it easy to implement changes and analyze the results.
PortalProdigy also automates the creation of special lightweight product detail pages that are optimized for search engines. These pages are pure HTML stripped of scripts and heavy graphics making it easy for the search engine spiders/crawlers to fully index your product line, assuring that nothing is missed. Search engine spiders/crawlers are directed to these pages which are linked directly to your website. Please contact us for additional information.

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization features and benefits include:

  • User definable pages titles.
  • User definable meta-tag descriptions.
  • User definable meta-tag keywords.
  • Automatic insertion of user defined page titles, meta-tag descriptions and meta-tag keywords in your website pages.
  • Automatic creation of light weight search engine optimized product detail pages. Pages contain link to full product detail page.
  • Search engine optimized pages are small in size, simple to index, and download quickly.
  • Link builder makes it easy to create links within your website and to other websites.