Resource Library

Now you can have an information rich Web Portal to provide your customers, prospects, vendors, staff, partners, members, and investors online access to relevant information. PortalProdigy's Resource Library provides a centralized repository to easily manage and provide secure access to your organization's digital content.

You can use the PortalProdigy Resource Library for storage and retrieval of Brochures, Resource Guides, Articles, Pictures, Audio Files, Video files, Software Downloads, Tutorial Guides, Operation Manuals, Technical Specifications, CAD Drawings, Schematics, Spreadsheets, White Papers, Case Studies, Best Practices, Agreements, Contracts, Forms, Policy Statements, Marketing Materials, Information on Specific Topics, Proposals, RFP's, Fact Sheets, and more.

The Document Resource Library features and benefits include:

  • Document centric model that makes it easy to manage your website's content.
  • Supports all file types including standard types such as HTML (.htm and .html), Adobe PDF (.pdf) Rich Text Format (.rtf), Word Document (.doc), Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), Compressed (.zip), Extensible Markup Language (.xml), Audio (.mp3) and Video (.mpeg).
  • User defined categorization. Supports drill down multi-level hierarchy of categories and sub-categories.
  • Keyword Search with support for Boolean operators.
  • Include document summary.
  • Separation of public content from private content. Individual documents (files) and folders can be secured, permitting access only to authorized users.
  • Secure collaborative workspaces for sharing documents and files amongst members of a group.
  • Checkout and check-in feature to track if document is currently being edited and by whom.
  • Approval processing option that places newly submitted documents into a submission queue pending authorization. Once authorized, documents are made accessible in the Resource Library.
  • Automated notification to specified administrators of documents pending approval.
  • Automated notification to submitters of rejected documents.
  • Special support for HTML web pages to include the web page's related files such as images, style sheets and scripts.
  • Integrated easy to use document editor (WYSIWYG) for editing HTML and Text documents. Allows creation and editing of web pages (documents) without knowledge of HTML.
  • Authorized visitors can retrieve documents by browsing categories, searching on keywords and via links embedded in web pages and menus throughout your website.
  • Search results are enumerated and easy to navigate.
  • Automated expiration option deactivates documents based on specified expiration date.
  • Viewer tracking reports statistics on who, when and what has been viewed.
  • Integration of documents with other feature components including Event Registration, Help Desk Membership Signup and Product Catalog to display and manage Brochures and other related documents.
  • Integration of documents in Mini Browsers and Menus to provide direct links to documents.
  • Support for large documents as integrated Mini Webs created using Web Help Builder. Mini Webs offer fast downloads by breaking up large documents into individual web pages. Mini Webs include table of contents, navigation buttons, full text search, and index.
  • Version Control with publish, archive, and rollback capability (Soon to be released)