Contact and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

PortalProdigy allows you to easily access and update all of your organization's contacts from anywhere at anytime. This includes customers, prospects, vendors, manufacturers, contractors, employees, investors, partners, media, experts and more. PortalProdigy provides everything you need to maintain detailed information about each contact including their addresses, phone numbers, biographical information, notes, appointments, professional information, company information, special interests and more. PortalProdigy's contact database is fully integrated with PortalProdigy's other features including customer relationship management (CRM). This allows you to access a contact's transaction history, sales opportunities, RFQs, quotes, order status, shipment tracking status, membership information, and payment information directly from their contact record. PortalProdigy also provides everything you need to schedule appointments, tasks, and activities related to contacts.

Easily import prospect lists and existing contacts. Contact records are automatically created when new users register on your Website. Send automated email broadcasts to selected contacts. Print a variety of reports.

PortalProdigy's CRM capabilities allow you to manage all your prospecting and sales activities online, from lead generation to closing. Import leads, track sales calls, gather valuable information, schedule meetings, generate quotes, process credit applications and grant credit terms, automatically convert quotes to orders, and report on the entire process. Easily drill down into the details. PortalProdigy's CRM is fully integrated with contact management, quotation management, credit management, order management and fulfillment, product catalog and inventory, and payment processing.

Contact and Customer Relationship Management features and benefits include:

  • Centralized contact database.
  • Import Contacts. Import utility provides easy method to import prospect lists, vendor lists, existing contacts, etc.
  • Export Contacts. Export utility provides easy method of exchanging data with other applications.
  • Store contact's home, office, billing, and shipping information including addresses and phone numbers.
  • User definable contact types. Assign contacts to multiple contact types.
  • User definable special interest categories. Contacts may select multiple special interests when registering online.
  • Customize registration forms collecting as little or as much information as required.
  • Create different registration forms for different purposes such as shopping cart, reseller application, membership signup, etc.
  • Link Contacts to Company records.
  • View list of employees for each Company.
  • Collect biographical information.
  • Collect credit information. Offer online credit applications.
  • Assign credit terms.
  • Create login and password entry into Website features and functions.
  • Control features and functions that each contact has access to.
  • Assign special pricing to contacts.
  • Assign tax exempt reseller status.
  • Display a calendar of your appointments and activities with contacts. Calendar can be viewed by Month, Week, and Day.
  • Create and manage sales opportunities.
  • Attach RFQs to sales opportunities
  • Define standardized sales opportunity forms for gathering and tracking information.
  • Attach documents and other files to contacts and sales opportunities.
  • Assign sales teams and specific sales staff to contacts and sales opportunities.
  • Track third parties involved with sales opportunities such as consultants, accountants, attorneys, resellers, etc. and store their contact information.
  • Create quotes.
  • Automatically convert quotes to orders.
  • Track website activity by contact.
  • Track prospect response.
  • Track prospect source.
  • Track and view contact transaction history.
  • Track and view contact order status including shipment status and tracking numbers.
  • Track and view contact memberships.
  • Track and view contact service requests.
  • Print detailed contact reports.
  • Print detailed sales reports by sales team, individual salesperson, opportunity type, customer, date range, and more.
  • Search and sort contacts and sales opportunities on a variety of data fields.