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Bulk Import and Export

PortalProdigy provides the capability to easily perform bulk import and export of data. Quickly import existing contacts, prospect lists, customers, members, subscribers, employees, media contacts, legislative and regulatory contacts, experts, products, and more. The Import and Export Manager makes it easy create to profiles mapping your data to PortalProdigy.

PortalProdigy validates and correctly formats imported data and produces a detailed log of invalid data records. PortalProdigy also makes it easy to perform repetitive imports and exports, allowing you to save and re-use your profiles. Use the Import and Export Manager to exchange data with other applications such as your existing accounting and inventory control system.

Bulk Data Import and Export features and benefits include:

  • Quickly populate your contacts and products with bulk import.
  • Import from standard comma delimited files (CSV format).
  • Export and re-import product items and inventory information.
  • Export and re-import contact information.
  • Option to only insert new records (new contacts or new products).
  • Options to only replace missing data elements.
  • Option to replace existing records.
  • Easy field mapping with ability to view the column headings and first row of your import data.
  • Product import can include all product data elements including pictures, inventory quantities, and comparable items.
  • Option to add values to lookup tables or only permit pre-defined values.
  • Quickly create mail merge files for use by third party applications such as MS Word.
  • Ability to export a variety of data types including events, event registrations, members, memberships, exchange records, orders, requests, etc.
  • Additional import and export data formats including XML are available upon request.