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Billing and Collections

PortalProdigy makes it easy to automate your billing and manage your collection process. Billing options are flexible and easy to configure. Automatically generate invoices for all transaction types including product orders, service work orders, event registration, memberships, maintenance contracts, etc. Option to generate electronic invoices and automatically email to customers or print and sent by postal mail.

Print monthly statements and activity reports. See Membership Registration, and Billing features for detailed information about membership billing. Option to generate electronic statements and automatically email to customers or print and send by postal mail. Print a variety of summary and detail reports.

Billing and Collections features and benefits include:

  • Universal invoicing for all transaction types.
  • Automatically generate invoices.
  • Automates billing of customers for on account orders.
  • Ability to automatically generate electronic invoices and email to customers.
  • Ability to automatically generate printed invoices.
  • Invoices for partial fulfillment of orders.
  • Automatically updates orders with invoice date.
  • User definable criteria for selecting orders to invoice.
  • Ability to batch process invoices and save for future posting.
  • Ability to reprint previously printed and posted invoices.
  • Fully integrated with Order Management and Payment Processing.
  • Export invoices to third party accounting systems including QuickBooks.
  • Print statements and customer activity reports.
  • Print detail and summary payments, collections, receivables, chargeback and other accounting reports.
  • Automated creation of GL Entries. GL entries are in GAP format.