Website Content Management System CMS for Small Business

Website Content Management

Learn how to free yourself from being held hostage by your web programmer and manage your website content yourself, eliminating programming expense.

We make it so easy, its like magic!

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) - a better way to manage your website.

The ability to easily and quickly manage your website's content is a key ingredient to generating more sales from your small or medium size business website!

Why do retail stores continuously change their displays? Why do car makers continuously create new models and change their existing designs? Why do clothing manufacturers create new fashions every season? Why, because people respond positively to such changes. The bottom line is that it generates sales. So why do so many websites never change? The primary reason is that for most businesses itís a painful and expensive process to make changes to their website. Thatís why web content management systems were invented. A good content management system can eliminate the pain and significantly reduce the cost of changing your website.

What is it?

A web content manager is a system designed for non-technical users to manage the process of adding, changing, and removing content from a website without the need for web programming. A content manager helps you to integrate new content into your website so it gets displayed using your websiteís template and contains your standard navigation tools.

Whatís the benefit?

A web content management system saves you time and money by allowing you to easily manage your own content. It also makes it easy to keep your website up to date. How many times have you been to a website and found the information to be stale and outdated? Websites that are kept up to date with new and current information generate more sales and more repeat visits.

Using our content management system you can have a beautiful full featured website in days not months. Our system includes tons of pre-built functionality based on best business practices. The functionality, business logic, and processing is already programmed. It just needs to be configured according to your requirements and to add your content. Presto, your website is ready! From then on making changes to your website is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Can I afford It?

You canít afford not to have a good content management system. Everyday more and more people prefer to search, gather information and make their purchases online. You canít afford to ignore this growing demand, especially during these difficult economic times. A good content management system is the most efficient means of meeting this demand. Customers want to do things online because it saves them time and money. A good content management system will save you time and money too. You also have to ask yourself ďCan I afford to lose business to my competitors?Ē Take a look at your competitorsí websites. If your website is not as good or better than your competition, you are losing business to them. A good content management system is the first step to beating your competition. No matter how good your products or services are, if you donít promote them on the web, making it easy for customers to find, get information, and make purchases or request assistance, you are going to lose out to your competitors who do.