Real Estate Software Projects

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MCS is a multifunctional software application developed by Brolin for CB Richard Ellis, a real estate services company. MCS reliably maintains one of the world's largest commercial property databases, serving as a powerful tool to research and analyze the real estate market. In addition to storing and analyzing Property, Market and REIT data, it includes a complete Subscription Management System, Contact Management System, Document Management System, and Fund Management System, plus a Trading System used to trade real estate investments such as RELPs and CREFs to institutional investors. MCS is used as the primary tool to support the National Real Estate Index and it's 9 quarterly publications for the real esatate industry, along with advising the nearly 1 billion dollar Alliance Fund.  

The MCS Properties Screen uses multiple tab forms to provide quick access to a property's transaction history,ownership history, complete property description, history of property changes, rental history, and more. Information contributions are tracked and used via a rewared program to provide free subscriptions to the National Real Estate Index publications. At the foundation of MCS are Brolin's Generic Components. These Generic Components provide consistency throughout the application enabling the MCS Companies screen to work the same way as the MCS Subscriptions screen and so on. MCS utilizes MS SQL Server as a backend database utilizing client server technology.  
Project Tracking System (PTS) developed for LaSalle Partners to manage their construction and facilities maintenance projects at Sun Microsystems. LaSalle uses the LPT application to prepare detailed project budgets, prepare funding requests, submit requests to Sun for approval, track Sun’s funding process, capture project costs, create scope changes to projects, assign project teams, track staff time, track milestones, create purchase orders, work orders, reconcile vendor invoices, and process vendor payments - a fairly entailed process to say the least! Prior to LPT, this data resided in a number of spreadsheets and different databases that were inconsistent and difficult to work with. LPT has reduced this to a single easy to use application with a consistent data structure. This has resulted in significant time and cost savings, along with improved project management and reporting.  

Restart Property Listing Database Developed for CB Richard Ellis to provide brokers with property information to assist them with their leasing and sales activities. The database tracks property locations, descriptions, availability, divisible space, contacts, tenants, sales and lease transactions, absorption history and supplemental data including property pictures. This application was originally created as a Y2K replacement for several legacy systems including a custom main frame based system, several custom PC based systems and several third party applications.


Brolin created over 100 reports for Restart. The Brolin Reporting Engine allow user to specify data criteria and to create custom versions of the reports. The Restart Property Listing Database is currently installed in 60+ offices across the United States, serving several thousand brokers. It is also installed in the all Latin American offices includign the South America, Mexico and the Carribean. Restart supports foreign currency and measurement conversions.



Budgeting& Financial Forecasting The Budgets Program is used nationwide to perform detailed financial forecasting for commercial real estate properties. The Budget program includes over 25,000 lines of code.

The Budgets Program is one the many applications that the Brolin development team has created for the Real Estate industry. The Budgets Program was developed for Koll Management Services and is used at over 170 branch offices nationwide to perform detailed financial forecasting for $14 billion in assets. The main client program was developed in Clipper. Clipper was chosen because of it's feature rich tool set and high performance database. The Brolin development team will help you select the development tools and language most appropriate for your particular project. Brolin also offers expertise in the Visual Basic, C, and C++ programming languages as well as the Jet Engine, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

The Budgets program is installed on the users PC and inlcudes a dial-up link to retrieve updated accounting and lease data from a central system. Once the data is processed it is exported back to the central system. Brolin also wrote the Transfer program that runs on the central data server. The Transfer program is written in C.