RTS - Corporate Facilities and Project Management

Project Management and Capital Planning for Corporate Facilities and Real Estate Portfolio

Description and Overview of the RTS Solution


RTS was developed specifically for in-house Real Estate and Facilities organizations in support of their capital projects portfolios. Built using owner-based design criteria to solve uniquely owner needs, RTS provides a depth of functionality not supported by any scheduling, CMMS, work-flow, work mangement, or enterprise accounting systems.


A place for everything and everything in its place. Purpose-built and incorporating a best of breed, rigidly normalized data structure, RTS' project based information management environment creates a platform for comprehensive, portfolio based reporting, analysis and metrics. It is the answer to ineffective, cobbled, or legacy systems.


While RTS is a tool designed to facilitate best in class projects management process, it will also support the procedural differences which exist between companies while not imposing a high degree of its own constraints. Fully configurable from its incldued web portal to its detailed database, we can help you fit RTS to your environment.


Developed as one part of a comprehensive solution for projects management in teh complex environment of in-house Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, RTS provides a single web-based source to facilitate, capture, manage, and improve process. Update RTS with Project schedules to drive process consistency or upload corporate A/P data to minimize redundancy; RTS supports the full compliment of systems and tools which exist in the projects environment.


Easily distribute data updates, maintenance and accountability to appropriate project-level staff with RTS' request-based input screens and functional approach to system navigation. At the same time, facilitate management-driven query, reporting and metrics capabilities with RTS' underlying portfolio focused architecture.


RTS reflects our intense effort to minimize the administrative overhead associated with so maney Real Estate and Facilities solutions and our focus on in-house requirements. RTS is for organizations that place a high value on process management and portfolio-wide performance reporting.