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How would you like to be able to maintain your own property information database along with fully customizable reporting capabilities and the ability to import data from 3rd party data providers?

Well you can. PropInfo provides all of this and more! Based on software we developed for CB Richard Ellis that is currently used in CBRE's North American and Latin American Brokerage offices, PropInfo is a highly scalable property information database and reporting system that will drive sales growth, improve staff productivity and increase the quality of service to your clients. Best of all, PropInfo gives you complete control and ownership of your data.

If you are a Commercial Real Estate Broker, Owner, Developer, Appraisor, Mortgage Broker or Asset Manager, PropInfo allows you to track valuable property information including:

  • Property location
  • Detailed description
  • Availability
  • Divisible space
  • Contacts
  • Tenants
  • Sales and lease transactions
  • Absorption history
  • Supplemental data including property pictures, contracts, site plans, etc.

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Want a solution that you won't outgrow? PropInfo is a fully scalable solution with the capability to be run on a standalone PC, in a workgroup setting, or using a client server architecture. Standalone and workgroup solutions utilize the Microsoft Jet Engine (same file format as Access, MDB) and the client server solution utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server. When you are ready to upgrade, PropInfo makes it easy with an automated migration to SQL Server.

Want to maintain separate databases in different locations? Brolin offers a synchronization module for PropInfo that will allow your offices to share data.

Need a global solution? PropInfo supports localization for foreign countries including foreign currency and measurement conversions.

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PropInfo includes over 100 report templates that are easily customized by specifing unique data criteria, parameters, and selecting grouping and sorting options. Reports are categorized making it easy to locate the one you are looking for. And there is no limit to the number of customized reports you can create. Reports can be ouput to Adobe PDF format and automatically attached to email for easy distribution. Additional report templates can be created using industry standard report writers including Crystal Reports and MS Access.

PropInfo is affordably priced:

  • Single User version $995.
  • PropInfo Enterprise version $15,000 (includes 15 user/broker licenses).
  • Additional user/broker licenses for PropInfo Enterprise version are $995 each.
Purchase the client server version of PropInfo Enterprise now, and you will receive a free upgrade to the soon to be released Internet enabled version of PropInfo Enterprise.

Brolin understands that while the Internet is a great thing, reliable high speed connectivity is not always available. The new upcoming version of PropInfo Enterprise is designed with this in mind, providing you with the ability to take advantage of the Internet; but, without forcing your dependency on it. The new version of PropInfo is designed to provide you with the ultimate in flexibility, versatility and scalability.

The Internet enabled version of PropInfo Enterprise will allow your staff and authorized users the ability to access PropInfo data from anywhere at anytime. It supports interchangeable database connectivity via your LAN, WAN, Intranet or the Internet, allowing users to retrieve data using the connectivity method of their choice. Additionally, users can retrieve and store data locally on their hard drive for offline use. This is great for taking data home, to the clients office, and while on the road traveling; making it easy to perform analysis and reporting while disconnected. Updating and retrieving additional data is just an Internet connection away.

Brolin offers a full range of services to support the successful integration and ongoing use of PropInfo within your enterprise including help desk support, maintenance agreements, creation of custom templates, data conversion services, customization services, consulting and training.

Call today to arrange for a demonstration of PropInfo in action!

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