PortalProdigy Markup Language for Designers

 THTML- the PortalProdigy Markup Language for Web Designers


THTML is an acronym for Template Hyper Text Markup Language.  THTML along with PortalProdigy's other new features gives you total design control over your PortalProdigy website.


THTML is an extension of the HTML markup language and is used to create template styles for PortalProdigy. Template styles control the visual design of the website.  THTML provides tags for inserting content in the template styles and describing how it should be displayed.  THTML gives you access to PortalProdigy’s forms, fields, controls, and CSS classes. 


THTML tags follow the same conventions as HTML tags.  The PortalProdigy Server dynamically replaces THTML tags with HTML formatted content to deliver W3C compliant HTML to the user’s browser. 


Using THTML you can create new designs from scratch as well as create modified versions of the designs that are included with PortalProdigy.  You can also use THTML to duplicate the design of an existing website for conversion to PortalProdigy.  Click here to view the PortalProdigy Web Designers Guide.