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Table Builder makes it easy to create professionally formatted web pages without programming knowledge. Using a simple data entry screen you enter your content, format it using the built in Page Editor, upload images, and organize it by heading and sub-headings. Style and page layout is automatically applied by selecting one of the pre-defined templates.

Table Builder features and benefits include:

  • Quickly create professionally formatted content.
  • Include pictures.
  • Easy to use data entry screens for entering content.
  • Use PortalProdigy’s WYSIWYG Page Editor to format your content as HTML without HTML programming.
  • Organize with headings and sub-headings.
  • Pages utilize selected site template to insert your standard header, footer, side bars, and menus for consistent branding and navigation.
  • Pre-defined templates provide style and page layout.
  • Modifications are instantly published to your website.
  • No programming or HTML skills required.

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