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PortalProdigy includes a built in page editor that makes it easy to create and edit web pages without requiring knowledge of HTML. The Page Editor is a convenient tool for making quick edits to existing web pages and for formatting structured content such as Product Descriptions, Event Descriptions, Instructions, etc. Most of PortalProdigy’s memo fields can be formatted using the Page Editor, making it easy to create visually rich content for your website.

Page Editor features and benefits include:

  • Create HTML web pages without any knowledge of HTML.
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) allows you to view web content as you create it.
  • Fully integrated with PortalProdigy’s feature components; use to format product descriptions, event descriptions, news articles, documents, email broadcasts and more.
  • Create tables and set table properties including borders, background colors, spacing, number of columns, number of rows, column widths, etc.
  • Upload and insert images into your web pages.
  • Insert bullets.
  • Insert numeric outlines.
  • Auto indent feature.
  • Supports Copy, Cut and Past operations.
  • Insert links. Includes list box selection of quick links to PortalProdigy’s various features.
  • Format links to display text label and hide URL.
  • Insert links to create email.
  • Insert rulers.
  • Subscript, superscript, and strikeout options.
  • Quickly retrieve and edit content directly from your Internet browser. Changes are instantly published on your website.
  • Option to view and directly edit HTML.
  • Upload existing web pages and make quick edits with the Page Editor.

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