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PortalProdigy’s Maintenance and Service Contracts feature is designed to help you better organize and efficiently manage your service business. PortalProdigy provides everything you need to process and manage your maintenance and service contracts. Define covered and non-covered services; include items such as replacement parts, materials, etc. Specify contracted rates and item pricing; create online agreements and customer acceptance; integrates with the Help Desk and Time Tracking & Billing features to provide a complete contract management system. Provide clients with the ability to enter service requests on your website; create authorized staff access lists for each client; PortalProdigy validates access authorization and services coverage and automatically creates Work Order for billable services. Options to require online credit card payment for billable services or to offer credit terms. Authorization process can be configured to require approval by client decision maker rather than requestor and will automatically generate an electronic approval request. Flexible billing options allow monthly, annual and quarterly billing of fixed service contract fee; also includes option to charge setup or initiation fee.

Maintenance and Service Contracts features and benefits include:

  • Define covered and non-covered services.
  • Covered services can be included at no charge or billable at contracted rates.
  • Define covered and non-covered items (products) such as replacement parts, materials, etc. Integrates with PortalProdigy’s Item & Inventory Management feature.
  • Covered items (products) can be included at no charge or billable at contracted rates.
  • Track both billable and non-billable time.
  • Define contracted rates for services and items. Rates can be based on discount from standard rates or specified amounts.
  • Option to charge flat rate for time or to charge specified rate for each type of service (task type).
  • Option to charge for services on fixed fee basis. Contracts can contain a combination of both fixed fees and billable time.
  • Ability to set quantity limit for each covered service.
  • Ability to allow clients to signup for, approve, and make payment for contracts online.
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of service requests and projects.
  • Auto retrieval of customer information including billing address, shipping address, and credit terms. Retrieved values can be changed.
  • Setup contract period (duration) independent of billing frequency, e.g. define a one year contract that is billed and paid on quarterly basis.
  • Automate contract billing and renewal.
  • Option to send electronic invoices and renewal notices.
  • Self service request entry allows customers to request services online with option to automatically generate Work Order for billable services and get customer approval online.
  • Fully integrates with PortalProdigy’s Help Desk and Service Request system.
  • Fully Integrates with PortalProdigy’s Transaction Management system.
  • Ability to grant and control access to other website services based on contract type. E.g. a service contract can be used to grant access to Discussion Forums, Help Desk, Exchanges, Downloads, Documents, etc.
  • Create authorized user access lists for each client to limit access to contracted services.
  • Generates automated customer and staff email notifications. Fully integrates with PortalProdigy’s Email Broadcaster.
  • Print summary and detail reports.

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