Now your small business can have the same capabilities as Amazon.com, find out how SalesMaker can increase your sales.

How would you like to have a web site that actually drives sales growth; that you can easily update yourself without Web programming skills; that allows you to operate more efficiently; and that fully automates your transaction process?

Well you can. SalesMaker provides all of this and more! SalesMaker is a Web based software solution that will help you generate new sales and repeat business. SalesMaker provides your business with a fullly featured online shopping catalog, where your customers can browse your product offerings at their convenience, receive product information, and easily place orders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. And, it allows your customers to track the status of their orders online eliminating time consuming phone calls that eat up your staff's productivity. SalesMaker provides a variety of other time saving features. Click here for a list SalesMakers Features .

On your SalesMaker Website, customers can browse events, browse news, view and download documents, register and pay for classes and seminars, signup and pay for memberships, participate in surveys and even get directions to your office and retail locations. Using SalesMaker you can easily update this data in seconds. For example, to update the price of a Product, simply retrieve it in the Items Management page, change the price, and save.  SalesMaker automatically and instantly updates your online catalog and online ordering with the new price.  SalesMaker's makes it easy to enable and maintain powerful features that your clients will love. For example, to provide mapping and directions to your location, is as easy as entering your address. Have multiple locations? Enter the address of each location and Salesmaker will display and provide maps to each of them. 

SalesMaker provides you with a centralized client database, tickler system, order fulfillment, inventory tracking, payment processing and a plethora of sales reports, all online, allowing you and your staff to work from anywhere at anytime! This is the perfect tool for operating a business from home or while you are on the road. And SaleMaker makes it easy to update your Web site's content, keeping your site current and interesting.

Wiith SalesMaker's powerful broadcasting capabilities, you can easily stay in touch with your clients. SaleMaker's "Sales Matrix" uses a unique profiling system to help you generate repeat sales and keep you in contact with both existing and potential customers. It can send automated broadcasts of tailored product and service solicitations that are based on each customer's profile and purchase or inquiry history. The automated broadcasts can be sent by a combination of email, fax and/or traditional mailings, which SalesMaker determines automatically based on each customer's preference.

SalesMaker was created in response to the many requests that we have received from small business owners for an automated tool that makes it easier to maintain and leverage existing client relationships. If you are like most business owners, you realize that you are missing sales opportunities within your existing client base. SalesMaker powerful broadcasting, newslettersmakes and promotional features make it easy to stay in touch with your clients, keeping them informed about your new products, specials and other offerings. You can tailor your solicitations based on each customer's profile and preferences. Most importantly, SalesMaker allows you to do this in highly cost effective manner.  

In addition to generating sales, SalesMaker was designed to automate numerous tasks to free up your valuable time. Once you start using SalesMaker, you will wonder how you ever ran your business without it! Best of all, we have priced it so low, it's a "no brainer" investment. For a list of SalesMakers features click here.

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