Hudson Case Study

Case Study:

Create a web portal to list family related resources and services available to the community. Make it self servicing by providing agencies with the ability to register themselves on the community portal. Provide a standard listing form with pre-defined categories for registering. Provide the pubic with the ability to search listings using simple search options, as well as the ability to browse listings by pre-defined categories. Also include the ability to promote events and display an events calendar, and provide other types of information online. Additionally, Brolin worked with Mercurio Design to integrate their graphics into a unique template for the Hudson web portal.


Brolin built the Hudson web portal using the PortalProdigy Internet Operating Platform. The PortalProdigy Exchange feature was used to provide the self service model for agencies to register their listings online and to publish them on the website. The Exchange feature provided all the components to search listings, browse listings by category, and display the detailed information for each listing. Further the Exchange feature provided an approval process to review and approve listings before being published on the website. The process includes automated email notifications when new listings are submitted along with an administrative interface to approve, disapprove, and edit listings. Brolin used PortalProdigy’s template management tools to create the unique template for the Hudson website. The PortalProdigy Events feature is used to list events and display an events calendar. The PortalProdigy Documents Library feature is used to manage information and other content displayed on the website. Because of PortalProdigy’s content management features, the Hudson Service Network is able to manage their web portal’s content themselves.

Result: www.hudsonservicenetwork.org
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