Have an idea for a software application, Brolin can turn it into a working program quickly and inexpensively.

Brolin - Custom Development

Custom Development

We want to build custom software for your business.

Brolin can convert your ideas into a computer program that works. And, we'll do it faster, cheaper and better than anyone else. Our proprietary component library eliminates up to 80% of normal development cost and time whether it's database, client server or web based business applications.

Most custom projects are completed within 90 days.

Projects can be completed for as little as $5000.

Brolin is not a new kid on the block. We've completed projects for some of the best known companies worldwide.

We also offer documentation, training, application hosting, and full service support.

Do it now !! - Call today to discuss your custom project. Get a free consultation and follow-up with a written assessment and game plan at no charge.


"Phenominal!" Ann Weinstein, VP, Koll Managment Services.

"Incredible support and service!" Chris Glen, President Amerimax.

"Oustanding delivery ahead of schedule!" Hans Gustavson, Project Coordinator, Sun Microsystems.

"Great program!" Gail Smith, Operations Manager, Travelers Insurance.

"Thanks for pulling another rabbit out of hat! You have been one of the most dedicated and loyal supporters of Information Services through your superior customer service attitude." Steve Sutherland, CIO, CBRE











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