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PortalProdigy Overview

PortalProdigy Overview




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Integrated E-Commerce and Web Portal Solution

PortalProdigy is a completely integrated system for building and maintaining a feature rich

E-Commerce Website and Web Portal.† No programming required!† No software to install!

No hassles!† Just add personality! †Includes everything you need to:



Promote your business

Sell your products and services online

Provide access to information

Improve customer service

Increase operating efficiency




Comprehensive Back-Office Management

We have combined the best of the Internet in a uniform easy to use system that you and your staff can

manage without technical expertise.† The system includes comprehensive back-office

functionality so you can efficiently manage your online storefront and business operations



Content Management

Transaction Processing

Order Fulfillment

Inventory Management

Invoicing and Payment Processing

Contact & Customer Management

Task Management and Time Billing

Event Management

Membership Management

And Reporting





No Limits

With PortalProdigy you will conveniently manage your prospects, customers, vendors, investors, staff,

products, services, information, interactions and transactions all online in one simple web-based system;

accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.†


No limit to the number of products

No limit to the number of customers or contacts

No limit to the number of transactions

No limit to the number of interactions

No limit on the possibilities




Isnít it time to take your website to the next level? †

Call today for a free consultation.† (949) 595-8300 x100


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