Create Your Own Template Styles

Fully Customizable Templates


Your PortalProdigy website’s design is fully customizable.  Most PortalProdigy customers choose to use one of the standard templates that come with the system.  There is a large library of designs to choose from and PortalProdigy is adding new templates all the time. 


Standard templates are easily customized by non-programmers.   Menu driven tools make it easy to manage colors, implement branding, add images, build menus, build and link pages, and format content.  If you need greater design control, users knowledgeable in HTML can customize any of the standard templates as well as create entirely new ones. 


PortalProdigy provides a set of markup Tags for insertion and formatting of PortalProdigy objects in HTML.  PortalProdigy objects range from fully functional features such as a search component to individual data elements such as a Product Name, Event Description, or Greeting Image.  PortalProdigy provides everything you need to register your custom templates in the PortalProdigy system. 


Our Web Design team is available to assist you.