Case Study: NJCPAC.org

Case Study:

Create a web portal for the State of NJ as a resource and information center for the NJ State Child Placemenet Advisory Council which is tasked to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Child Placement Review Act in promoting the welfare of children placed outside their home - in order to advise New Jersey’s three branches of government and advocate for the safety and best interests of children in placement.


Brolin built the NJCPAC web portal using the PortalProdigy Internet Operating Platform. The PortalProdigy Document Resource Library is used to manage information and other content displayed on the website. Non-public information is available to authorized individuals via secure pages that require login. The ease of posting information allows the state to keep the website up to date with the most current information. The PortalProdigy Events feature is used to promote events. It includes an events calendar and online registeration for attendees. The PortalProdigy News feature is used to list current news on the home page, display articles, and provide access to their complete news archive. Because of PortalProdigy’s content management features, non-technical staff at the State of New Jersey are able to manage their web portal’s content themselves, saving time and reducing cost. They also use PortalProdigy's contact management system to manage their volunteers, participants, and board members.

Result: http://www.njcpac.org/
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